Below you will read some testimonies of people that have purchased a puppy from Labradors Lovers!  
All of these are true statements and not one word was added to their testimony. We thank each and every one of you for keeping us updated on how your puppy has grown and developed !

Thank you Chuprova Family for raising such wonderful puppies. Baxter is so healthy and happy. He has gone to the door every time he has to go potty. He has a great personality and loves everyone. You raise wonderful puppies! For all of you getting ready to bring home your puppies this what you have to look forward to. These dogs love their people and just want to be big lap dogs😁.

                                          -Jennifer Palmer-



They are the best dogs!!!! So smart and so loving! They love you so much that they sit on your feet when you’re standing up, just to be as close as possible lol .

                                           -Chelcie Glazier-

We all love our pups Mika and Tucker. I love how Tucker bites at the water from the hose. I've watched lots of dogs do it. Just never had one of mine do it. He likes to lay down in the bathroom when I shower. It cracks me up when I see his nose pressed up against the curtain licking it. I try to grab his muzzle but he's too fast. He also likes to be up in our business when we are bathing Brody. He likes to lick his arm and face or whatever he can reach. If I'm spanking one of the boys (playfully) he likes to intervene. I guess he thinks he's their personal guard dog.

Sounds like everyone is having the same experience. I'm extremely happy with Tucker's ability to learn. He listens so well and learns so fast. Tucker is pure joy! There is so much love in this pup!                                   

                                                                  -Dastin Jantz-