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Why NuVet Lab?
We know that you care about your pets health, which is why I want to share NuVet with you. If you bought a puppy from Labrador Lovers I would recommend to continually using these supplements that help your puppy grow strong and healthy, but if you didn't buy a puppy from us or you already have a grown up dog it's a good start to protect their joints,hips and immune system with NuVet vitamins. It is more then just a vitamin, it is a immune system builder, and as a breeder I know that when puppies are born they are dependent on their moms immune system, but after they are weaned, they are on their own, and that is the best time to give them a boost. But Nuvet isn’t just for puppies, it’s an immune system builder that can benefit any aged pets that you love. It has a precise Balance of Vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids and high-potency antioxidants which directly nourish and boost your pets immune system, and it is better for their life.

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