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The English Labrador Retriever Puppies that we raised in our kennel looks to be an example of real friendship, and pure, genuine love.

 They have been used for companions, service and great family pets in Oregon and Washington!

 In reality, the English Labrador was made to be a hunter, however a strong characteristic they hold is an all loving character, with an outgoing attitude which makes the Labrador an ideal family dog all over the world. 

 Labrador puppies adore exploring running and playing around and don't mind their fur getting dirty because they love going swimming too.

Our English Labrador Retriever puppies, is perfect for any family -just as long as you have the time for walks and games.

 Do you have any children? No one will love them as much as labradors do, because their character fits right in for any age- especially with the energy of 8-10 years old's. Our kennel consists of light yellow, almost white, to dark golden creamy colored puppies.


The rule of 7 is a technique we learned to help introduce our Labrador Retriever puppies to new environments and get them used to many different things they may encounter in their lives. The Rule of seven introduces the pups to small stresses that will help boost confidence, social behavior, and their train-ability. Our rule of 7 works by introducing pups starting at 4 weeks of age to 7 new things they hadn’t had a lot of contact with before.

  • Been on 7 different types of surfaces... more

  • Played with 7 different types of objects...more

  • Been in 7 different locations...more

  • Met and played with 7 new people...more

  • Been exposed to 7 challenges...more

  • Eaten from 7 different containers...more

  • Hear 7 different noises...more

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