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Puppy Pricing

Puppies that we raised  have been used for companions, service and great family pets!


Puppies will be available for pickup at 7-8 weeks of age , this is a typical time of age when puppies are going to their new homes.

$200 deposit is required to place you in queue. This is followed by hand-picking a non-claimed pup that will, in turn, be yours from then on. Deposits are nonrefundable. The puppy-deposit-claims are governed under the “first come first serve,” rule which means by order of deposits received.We accept checks, cash and PayPal. Finally, once you come to pick up your puppy, you will have a remaining balance.
With PayPal you can use the "Family and Friends" program to make a deposit


We are selling puppies under limited registration, only. A limited

registration voids breeding rights.

We would like to know more about our costumers and ask you to

fill out the questionnaire during the deposit process.


After you’re placed in queue. We will do the honor of keeping you

up-to-date on the puppy you reserved. Pictures, videos and written

updates on their health, enthusiasm and early stages of life will be

provided on our Facebook page.

Puppy Shipping

For your convenience, we offer shipping anywhere inside the Continental U.S for a flat rate fee of $400.

Outside of the U.S prices may vary.

This will cover the airway ticket, crate, and health certificate. If you are interested in having your puppy shipped to you, please contact us for more information.

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